Statement Three Transcript:
The Community

Hi guys. This will be the last of our statements addressing how our fans interact within the community. The Rise of The Order has always been a project by fans and for fans and we’ve tried our best to be as accessible as possible but we fear somewhere down the line, some people have gotten a bit too comfortable with us. We are still people with boundaries that we feel are sometimes overlooked.

We greatly appreciate the fanbase and the people that support us a lot however, we have noticed people who have taken to talking for us, and even over us. We would like to reiterate that our boundaries are not suggestions and that we would like for you guys to please respect them. We would also like to, unfortunately, address bullying and online manipulation within the fandom and TROTO community. This has happened not only towards members of our own cast and crew but also in the fandom and community members on general. We do not and will never support any kind of bullying and threats.

This sort of behaviour is not okay at all and we do not agree with the fact that people are using us as a way to bully others or pressure them into doing what you want.This fandom has been built and supported by content creators, fanfic writer and fanartists because of their own will and pressuring them or taking their art and content for granted is not something we will ever defend.

Please, do not perpetuate this toxicity in the fandom. It is supposed to be a safe space for everyone to talk and interact with others that love the same characters and stories we do. We should all be able to respectfully interact in the same space.